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Zambia Project

Immersion Project

Since 2006 the school has travelled out to the small impoverished town of Kabwe, Zambia’s second largest city. Unlike Lusaka, the capital, this is a town with little employment opportunities, with over 85% unemployment, and like most other Sub-Saharan African countries, it is a country suffering from the plight caused by HIV/AIDS.


Students of 4th & 5th Year in Joey’s have developed a very unique bond with the people of this town. Their work has involved numerous projects including self-sustaining projects such as wells for safe drinking water, chicken runs and piggeries. In recent years a charity known has Zamda has been set up directly from these trips. It is now responsible for running a school for street children known as Sables. You can check out this work on


Over 50 students from the school have now travelled and worked in Sables. The next students to add to this illustrious list of names are Sean Lynam, Alex Fay, Jordan Scurry, Austin Hendrick & Eric Hyland from Transtion Year. Richard Kelly, Ben Treacy, Enzo Patriarca, Ziko Nyazika, Dylan Murphy, Daniel Yeates & Karl Daly will be representing the 5th Years.


This project has the benefit of creating future leaders and better citizens within Joeys but also benefits the local town of Kabwe as it brings a much needed boost to their local economy. Any donations and support would be appreciate at any time as we are determined to keep this great project going. Please contact the school through email or phone if you wish to get involved.



Ciarán O Callaghan