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St Joseph’s Student Council



A Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

Usually the student council works with a teacher, who is the link person between students and staff and management in the school. He or she attends student council meetings and provides guidance, advice and information if requested, and organizes training and team development activities and any in-services which are essential to the running of a good Student Council. This teacher also assists the students in liaising with the management.

Council Members 2015-2016

 Name  Year  Office
Dylan Bryers 1st Year
Alex Byrne 1st Year
Hugh Bowers 2nd Year  Treasurer
Liam Hendrick 2nd Year
Daniel Meagher 3rd Year
Lee Font 3rd Year
Daniel McCabe 4th Year Deputy Secretary
Christian O’Brien 4th Year
Jacob Wilson 5th Year
Karl Haran 5th Year
Danny De Vaal 6th Year Chairman
Scott Graham 6th Year
Paul Carr 6th Year Vice-Chairman
Oisín Dunne 6th Year
Bobby Dolan 6th Year
Jamie Gannon 6th Year Secretary
Vacant 6th Year Prefects
Vacant Communications and Liaison
Vacant Green Schools Liaison
Ms. Dowdall Teacher Mentor

Active Sub-Committees

 Anniversary  Mental Health   School Shop & Treasury   Communications 
 Danny De Vaal  Danny De Vaal  Daniel McCabe  Prefects
 Jacob Wilson  Scott Graham  Daniel Meagher  Paul Carr
 Paul Carr  Christian O’Brien  Lee Font

Council Documents

 Information  Minutes 
 Council Meeting 20.10.15
Student Council Constitution  Council Meeting 15.9.15
The Student Council in St Joseph’s  Students’ Council Meeting 22.5.15
 Student Council Poster Student Council Minutes 3.2.15