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Special Education Provision in St Joseph’s CBS

At St Joseph’s CBS we believe in helping all our students achieve their full potential. Consequently, a variety of support is put in place to best help students, ranging from individual and small group withdrawal sessions to support in class. Such a variation in approaches helps to meet individual learning styles and course work needs.

Staff working within the Resource Department have specialist training in working with students who have Special Educational Needs.

Our ASD Department facilitates academic, personal and social development compatible to each student’s capabilities. Skills development with regard to studying, organisation, critical thinking and creative problem solving, as well as positive self-advocacy are integrated throughout instruction to help our students develop into independent and self-motivated learners.
Strong links are fostered between the Resource Department and all members of school staff, in order to actively promote the development of students with Special Educational and additional needs.

The transition from primary to secondary school can be a daunting experience for both students and parents. Should you have any queries or concerns about what support may be available for your child please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Special Education Department

  • Ms Anne Keane
  • Ms Miriam McNulty
  • Ms Caoimhe O’Donnell
  • Ms Siobhain O’Driscoll (Co-ordinator)
  • Mr Darren O’Meara
  • Ms Kate O’Regan
  • Mr Tim Quinlan

SNA Staff

  • Ms Jenny Barror
  • Ms Lisa Byrne
  • Ms Claire Davies
  • Ms Lorna Devine
  • Ms Margaret Donovan
  • Ms Paula Doyle
  • Ms Karen Fox
  • Ms Ann Glennon
  • Ms Siobhain Keegan
  • Ms Eithne McGrath
  • Ms Susan Minogue
  • Ms Carmel Mulcahy
  • Ms Sandra O’Leary