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Religious Education

St. Josephs CBS is a Catholic school that strives to support students in their growth towards a greater understanding and awareness of their faith with religious education at its core.

At St. Josephs we aim to foster a sense of community amongst our students based on their unique, personal, spiritual, creative and academic development. We strive to promote proactive involvement in this community through our interactions with both home and parish.

The Religious Education Programme is designed to explore and study the following topics:

The life of Christ, Bible Studies , The Sacraments, Morality, Justice, World Religions, The Church Year, Prayer and Meditation (students attend the prayer room weekly).

The Junior Cycle Programme follows the Religion Syllabus and involves exploring the following areas:

  • Communities of Faith
  • Foundations of Religion V Christianity
  • Major World Religions
  • The Question of Faith
  • The Celebration of Faith & Morality

In Transition Year, students participate in the Ballygall programme. This is where various speakers are invited into the school each week to give a talk to the students. These speakers include:

  • The Samaritans
  • The Simon Community
  • The Integration Centre
  • Bodywhys
  • Mental Health Ireland
  • The Drugs Task Force
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Bothar
  • Concern
  • Make A Wish Foundation

The Senior Cycle programme addresses many of the core issues of Christian faith and living, exploring the following areas:

  • Christian Morality
  • Catholic Marriage
  • World Religions
  • Christology and the Church
  • Relationships
  • Theology, Faith and Prayer
  • Spiritual Life: A retreat programme is provided for Transition Year and Sixth Year groups.

St. Josephs CBS provides a great variety of experiences that support our students in developing their faith by creating an atmosphere of openness, acceptance and a willingness to search for meaning. The programme is continually developed and renewed to take account of the changing nature of our modern society. The programme is taught by qualified religious staff, all of whom hold their primary qualification in the field of Religious Education.

Religion Department

  • Ms Mairead Martin
  • Ms Ciara McDonnell
  • Ms Niamh Ryan