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Joey’s Alumni Golf Classic, Clontarf Golf Club, Friday, 22nd June 2018

New Technology Lab will enable the school prepare pupils for new technology subjects. Completion First Quarter 2019. New Technology Subjects will commence September 2019. Total Cost of Build €495,000, Grant Secured €302,000. Funds to be raised €193,000.

You can support the Golf Classic Fundraiser in a number of ways:
Sponsor Golf Fees €5000
Golf Dinner €5000 (secured)
Sponsor hole + team €1000
Sponsor a team €400 or hol €600
Play per person €100

If you would like regular updates or to become involved with the Past Pupils Union please contact me, David Rafferty, President Joeys Alumni, mobile: 087 9178829, email:


Joey’s Alumni Golf Classic, Clontarf Golf Club, Friday, 22nd June 2018

Hi Fellow Alumni / Friend of Joeys CBS Fairview,

Joey’s Alumni (St. Joseph’s CBS Fairview Past Pupils’ Union) are running a major fundraising Golf Classic in Clontarf Golf Club on Friday, 22nd June 2018.

Format is four-person team event (more details on precise format to follow).

This fundraiser has been organised to support the school with provision of a much-needed Construction / Technology Studies Room on which work will commence this year for completion in 2019. Construction Studies introduces students to the knowledge and skills associated with construction technology and construction materials and practices. This new facility will enable the school to satisfy recognised student demand by adding to the curriculum a proven Leaving Cert (Ordinary & Higher Level) course that combines practical with academic learning. For more information on this Leaving Cert Course, as well as brochure on activities of Joeys Alumni, please click links below.

The school requires voluntary funding of €150,000 to supplement the approved Government Grant and previous personal donation of €85,000.

Fee per team is €400 with sponsorship of €600 per hole also welcomed.

For more information and/or to arrange booking, please contact:

Louis Gillick, Mobile: 087 2428438, email:


Des Kelly, Mobile: 087 9630093, email:

For additional information click Construction Studies Course and Joey’s Alumni Brochure.

Kind Regards,

David Rafferty

President Joey’s Alumni

087 9178829

Email (home):


Brochure distributed at Annual Dinner 2018

JoeysAlumniBrochure V3


Newsletter – circulated to those on PPU database 16/01/2018

I’m David Rafferty, President of Joey’s Past Pupils’ Union (PPU).

In case you haven’t heard about it, I’m contacting you about Annual School Reunion dinner in Clontarf Castle on Friday, 23rd February 2018, Time: 7.30pm sharp, Price €50, payable at the door.

I also want to tell you about our desire to work together to build a mutually beneficial and sustainable Joey’s Past Pupils’ network.

Keeping people abreast with our activities is too big a job for a small voluntary committee, so we need to team up with as many past pupils as possible – “ní neart go cur le chéile”. We’ve now built a database of 4,000 past pupil names, with 800 email addresses and a further 200 telephone numbers – a good start from small beginnings. This email marks the start of using the database to support our extended PPU Team of “Year / Class Contacts” (48 and growing) and contains the seeds of a network that will be much more relevant to past pupil needs, be they social, career or business.

We depend on our class contacts for each Leaving Cert year to organise for their old school mates to attend the dinner, to liaise with us as regards numbers and as our primary channel of communication with Joeys Alumni. Names of class contacts are in the attached news update.

About myself, I was in class of 1966, worked as an accountant till I retired and was coaxed onto Joey’s PPU committee last year, following the successful organisation of our year’s 50th anniversary.

At my stage in life, what’s “in it for me” is keeping in touch with fellow 1966ers and working as part of an overall team to build a network to improve things for students past and present.

From contact with other Joey’s alumni, it is apparent that many share a desire to keep in touch or help out. The idea behind a more organised alumni network is to strengthen our ability to support one another in mutually advantageous ways. Just imagine a network that can be used for job contacts, for business mentoring, to bring together young people with business ideas and older investors (our own Dragon’s Den), or just simply to meet socially, support those in reduced circumstances, etc. The ingredients are all there – all we need to do is “join the dots” to make it happen!

For further information on the dinner and/or how to get involved, please see attached news update.


Slán agus Joeys Abú,


David Rafferty
President St Joseph’s CBS Fairview Past Pupils’ Union
Mobile 087 9178829
Email (Please add to your email address book to avoid being treated as Spam):

St. Joseph’s CBS Past Pupils’ Union – News Update 15th January 2018

Hi Fellow Past Pupils and friends of Joeys,

The committee of the Past Pupils Union (PPU), in collaboration with school management, is concentrating on 2 key priorities:

  • Assisting the school to maximise its role in the community it serves, now and for the foreseeable future.
  • Engaging in the best way possible with Joey’s past pupils and friends to maximise mutually beneficial networking possibilities and keep you all up to date with developments.

Over the past decade, a much higher proportion of Joeys students than in earlier years hails from the Annesley Bridge to city centre community. As in the past, Joeys is keeping relevant to the needs of its current community and pupils. In common with other urban schools, Joeys comes within the Department of Education’s social inclusion strategy for Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS) to help children and young people who are at risk of or who are experiencing educational disadvantage. This helps overcome some but not all barriers to equal education opportunities through additional funding, smaller class sizes, etc.

The activities and objectives of the PPU Committee (members listed below) for 2018 are as follows:

  1. Networking: 1st event is the Annual School Reunion dinner: Venue – Clontarf Castle, Date – Friday, 23rd February 2018, Time: 7.30pm sharp, price €50, payable at the door. As we are a small voluntary committee, we depend on class contacts for each Leaving Cert year to organise for their old school mates to attend and to liaise with us as regards numbers. Names of class contacts are in paragraph 6 below.
  2. Strategic Direction of the school – We have started working with industry, 3rd level and 2 other schools to develop and implement a course complementary to Leaving Cert. The model we are working on is about enabling students become both career and college-ready. The objective is to put students in the driver seat and for them to have the skills so that they’re in a position to choose. Do they want to go on and get that four-year degree? We will keep everyone posted on this new initiative, which is still at a very early stage of development.
  3. Fundraising:
    • The 3 Funds currently supported by the PPU are:
      • Building Fund: Current balance €60,000. Need an additional €100,000 to build new Construction / Technology Studies Room, for which conservation report has been accepted and is now going to planning stage. It is hoped that work will commence on this project in 2018 for completion in 2019.
      • Evening Tuition Fund: To provide students with after-hours tuition in preparation for Leaving Cert. Need €10,000 per annum to support students for whom such additional studies would be otherwise unaffordable for their parents.
      • College Scholarship Fund: To provide scholarships in the form of financial grants for students who are accepted into 3rd level and for whom this would be a great financial burden for their parents. Target €10,000 to cover next 2 years.
    • Golf Classic: For the last number of years we have run a golf outing around about May each year, which has received good support. Given the new initiatives currently in hand, we feel the time is right to hold a Golf Classic in May 2018 in support of the above-mentioned funds. More about this will follow in the next PPU News Bulletin.
    • PPU Annual Contribution Scheme: We will be launching this initiative as soon as possible whereby past pupils and friends will be asked to make an annual contribution of €35 (or more if they can afford it) to support the very deserving projects outlined above.
  4. Click Link in blue for recent article on one of our Joeys Past Pupils: Journal Article.
  5. PPU Committee 2017/8: Dave Rafferty (President), Des O’Loughlin (Hon. Secretary), James Rogan (Hon. Treasurer), Brendan McGrath (Strategic Development), Derek Moran (Work Experience), Conor O’Reilly (IT), Gerry Cullen (Principal), Tim Quinlan (Teacher), Sean O’Connell, Paddy Walsh, Patrick Martin, Peter O’Mara.
  6. Year / Class Contacts:
            1950s & 60s            1970s          1980s
    1957 John Baragwanath / Dan Chambers 1970 Martin Doyle 1980 Volunteer Required
    1958 Volunteer Required 1971 Gerry McInerney 1981 Padraig Phelan
    1959 Frank Byrne 1972 Andrew O’Connell 1982 Peter O’Mara, James Rogan
    1960 Volunteer Required 1973 James McPherson 1983 Volunteer Required
    1961 Hubert Fuller 1974 Edward Boyne 1984 No Leaving Cert
    1962 Brian Fagan 1975 Volunteer Required 1985 Eddie Clarke, Cian Murnane
    1963 Matt O’Donohoe 1976 Sean O’Connell 1986 Seamus McCormack / Adrian O’Loughlin
    1964 Volunteer Required 1977 James O’Loughlin 1987 Volunteer Required
    1965 Aidan O’Mara 1978 John Phelan / Michael Quinn 1988 Volunteer Required
    1966 Terry Roche, Tom Petherbridge, Dave Rafferty 1979 Gary Gartland 1989 Volunteer Required
    1967 Denis McDermott, George Leonard & Lar Walsh        
    1968 Paddy Walsh, Michael Barrett        
    1969 Brendan Martin        
                1990s           2000s         2010s
    1990 Volunteer Required 2000 David Burke, Colm Egan 2010 Gavin Kelly
    1991 Fergus O’Riordan 2001 Vincent Whelan 2011 Volunteer Required
    1992 Derek Moran 2002 Peter Loughney 2012 Volunteer Required
    1993 Kevin Cohen 2003 Piaras McNeill 2013 Volunteer Required
    1994 Niall O’Loughlin 2004 Volunteer Required 2014 Volunteer Required
    1995 Volunteer Required 2005 Patrick Martin    
    1996 Volunteer Required 2006 Leroy Carter    
    1997 Stuart Devine 2007 David Gahan    
    1998 Eamon Moore 2008 Chris Weafer    
    1999 Volunteer Required 2009 Volunteer Required    

    Note: If you would like to volunteer or are unable to get in touch with your year contact, please email:


Death of Mr Richard Heneghan

Mr Richard Heneghan, former teacher in St Joseph’s died on Thursday 21/12/2017

He was born in Westport in 1932 and came to teach in St Joseph’s in 1963 and retired aged 65 in 1997 having spent 34 years teaching Accountancy and Business Studies. Prior to being a teacher Mr Heneghan served as a Garda Síochána in Cork City.

May he rest in peace.



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