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Can Joey’s PPU help solve the mystery behind a local work of art?

Joe Gantly (Leaving Cert Class of 1963) is President of the Fairview conference of St. Vincent
de Paul. The conference is especially committed to helping people to remain in school and
then to continue to 3rd level education where possible. As we all know a good education is
an absolutely essential step to breaking the cycle of poverty.
The conference has recently been gifted with a stunning, hand-made wooden model of the
original ‘Joeys’ school building and with a challenging mystery: who is the L. Byrne who
created and signed this work of art in 1967?
The gift comes to SVP from the family of the late H.B. ‘Brian’ Dennis who was a pupil in the
Joeys, class of 1947.
It measures 48cm x 26cm x 16 cm, (19” x 10” x 6.5”) and is made entirely of matchsticks and
ice-pop sticks. It recreates the original Joeys building facing onto Marino Mart. The detailing
of doors, windows, external stairways, even the chimney-pots indicate that this is the work
of a very talented artist, most likely a past-pupil.
Professional estimates say that it took months to build.
The conference plans to auction this beautiful piece of local history to raise funds for its
work in the Fairview-Marino area, and hope that someone from Joeys Alumni may
remember L. Byrne and give us some more information about him and his time in Joeys.
If anyone is interested in making a bid, please advise
If you can help, please contact the conference at or call
conference president Joe Gantly on 087 415 8809.





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