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‘History is who we are and why we are the way we are’

 David McCullough (Historian, Lecturer & Author).


At St Joseph’s CBS, History is a huge part of the culture of the school, as well as the curriculum. With many famous past pupils and a great tradition Joey’s, students are naturally drawn to the subject. All students take History to Junior Cert level, with a large majority continuing the subject on to the Leaving Cert.

History is encouraged not just in the classroom but also through tours both home and abroad. The school tours in recent years have included trips to Normandy, Paris, Munich and Berlin where History is brought to life.

Why study History?

History helps students to understand many of the issues that affect the world today. By broadening pupils knowledge of current affairs, it develops them personally and prepares them for adult and working life. History is unique in that it investigates how human life has changed over time. You will develop your understanding of change through the perspectives of political, social, cultural, economic, religious and scientific history. You will develop an appreciation of the society in which you live and of other societies, past and present. You will also develop a greater awareness of your own identity and traditions.

Relevance to careers

Employers tend to see those with a history education as:

  • Independent thinkers
  • Open-minded and objective
  • Disciplined
  • Good communicators
  • Able to analyse issues and problems
  • Able to put together logical arguments

History Department

  • Ms Mairead Martin
  • Ms Miriam McNulty
  • Mr Pat O’Brien