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Green Schools

Travel Theme

School gets Bike Shed

It has been two years since students had a secure location to lock up bicycles, ever since the old bike shed was converted into the new resource buildings. However, under the ferocious guidance of Ms. Kennedy and the Green School’s committee, a new bike shed is now available to students from Green Schools Ireland. Joey’s were granted this facility due to the high proportion of students who travel to school by bicycle. The benefits of cycling are numerous: it aids traffic congestion, helps the environment and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle throughout the student and staff body. The bike shed can be found at the rear of the large building. Please note, you need your own lock! Students are now promoting a travel to school/work programme for staff and students to encourage the healthy habit of travelling by bike. Special thanks to all involved.

Róthaiocht = difríocht..!


Attention all Joeys students and Staff, the Green Schools Committee are now launching our cycle to school awareness programme. We encourage as many students as possible to use their bikes and indeed cycle to school. Any of those who are users of social media, etc. can avail of the #joeyscycletoschool, to promote cycling awareness for our Green School committee.

Mar a deir an seanfhocail: Is fear an tsláinte ná an táinte.


Time to get on your bikes folks, and don’t forget to tweet…! #joeyscycletoschool.


Go n-Eirí an t-ádh libh….!


Green Schools Committee.



Water Theme

In April of 2014 the Green School’s committee was notified that it was successful in obtaining the Green Flag for the Water Theme.  The Green Flag will presented to our school by An Taisce  on the 22/05/2014 at 10:30am at the Helix, DCU Campus, Collins Avenue, Dublin 9.

The Green School’s committee this year continues to work hard on the  Water Theme.  Water conservation is a very popular topic at the moment with the up coming water charges.

A lot  of thanks must go to the teachers who incorporated the Water Theme into their subject areas, this included an Art poster competition on the Water Theme,  water experiments in the Science area etc. Last year a lot of work was done on replacing the old toilets in both school buildings with new ones for the students. These are much more efficient, this is seen in the reduced water bills.  This work is on going.

The committee set goals, analysed water bills, set up cross curriculum links, commissioned from art students awareness posters etc.,  dealing with the Water Theme.  Two members attended a Water Forum towards the end of January 2014.

In early February we had a visit from Sinead of Dublin City Council re: Green Schools Renewal.

Thanks to all for their help in achieving this third flag.

Click here for link to Green Schools Ireland.


Energy Theme

The school was awarded with its second green flag in May of 2011.

How was this achieved?

The energy theme was approached in the following manner.

Analysis of the problem of high energy use in the school

In order to reduce energy use in the school, we decided that we first needed to analyse the problem. The first thing we did was to carry out an Appliance Survey. This involved going around the school, checking and recording how many energy appliances were in each room or corridor etc.

The results were recorded in an Energy Booklet. It was felt there was need for an Energy Audit. In early January it was decided to monitor the electricity use on a daily basis. It was obvious from early data that a lot of energy was being wasted over the weekend period. It was found that electric heaters in particular were being left on over the weekend. It was felt that it was important to find where other big sources of energy waste lay.

Action Plan

Once the data was analysed it was then down to trying to solve the problems. The first thing that was done was to instigate a “switch it off” campaign. This involved putting up posters and going around the classes informing the pupils of the campaign. This was accompanied with “ Kill that Watt” slogan. (Green Code)

In relation to the high usage of electricity over the weekend, the committee reported this to the principal, who in return reported it to the Board of Management. Each Friday evening a check is now done on each room to make sure that electrical appliances are turned off.

There is now a school policy to replace all incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs. These are proven to save energy.

In the old school building all the old sash windows have been restored and are now more energy efficient. In the newer building all windows have been replaced with energy efficient windows.

Room 10 in the old school building had a new lower ceiling installed, which is more energy efficient.

The school is shortly to install computers and data projectors in each class room. One of the considerations on quotes received is to factor in the energy efficiency of the appliances.

The school installed three new energy efficient boilers, which replaced the old inefficient boiler, which was unable to heat both buildings.

Measuring Success

It is early days yet, but we hope that the campaign will result in the lower consumption of electricity. This will be measured by comparing early data in survey with the later data. This will be done with the use of graphs and charts.


We believe that the regular monitoring of energy consumption in the school will remind students and teachers to “switch it off”. It is hoped that by promoting awareness of energy use, that we may be able to maintain lower consumption levels.

Early Days of the Green Schools

St. Joseph’s secondary school is a green school and was awarded a green flag in February 2007. Here in Joey’s, we are very aware of the environment and we recycle, reuse and reduce waste wherever possible. We have a very pro-active green committee who are always busy and innovative.

We began our green campaign by recycling plastic bottles, which resulted in a 50% reduction of waste going directly to landfill. We use recycled paper for photo-copying, we recycle all paper, cardboard and cans, we reuse corks to make our notice boards, we reuse crisp bags to make flower-pots, we compost green waste and use the compost in window boxes and tubs which brighten up the school yard.

We have won many awards as a result of our green initiatives. We have awards for Best Outside of School, Best Waste Management and Best Management of Lunchtime Waste.

As a community, we in Joey’s take great pride in our environment and work hard to maintain a healthy, safe, green environment for all.