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Bienvenu à la page web de Saint Joseph ! On parle en français ici !

French is the national language of 28 countries worldwide and is a second or third language in many others. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. There are about 74 million native French speakers in the world.

In St. Joseph’s, students study both French and Spanish in first year and can choose to study either French or Spanish from Second Year onwards to Leaving Certificate Level. French is a very popular language in our school.

In Transition Year, students maintain their knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary. They also explore French culture in more detail, completing project work and studying French language films.

All levels and abilities are catered for in all classes. French classes consist of oral work including conversation skills, aural work including listening to French CDs, written work including vocabulary and grammar lessons and reading comprehensions using both journalistic and literary articles.

Students perform very well in French in both Junior and Leaving Certificate exams.

French Department

  • Ms Fiona Barry
  • Mr Seadhan De Poire
  • Ms Elisabeth Downey