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The English Department runs a number of initiatives alongside the curriculum that are designed to promote student literacy and a sense of joy when reading.

Well-Read Initiative

Our school participates in the Well-Read initiative and aims to hold the award for all future years. We have rebuilt the school library over the past number of years, and will continue to update and stock it with the aim of providing our students with books that are of interest to them, beyond the natural curriculum. In English rooms, there are smaller libraries and text-rich environments that encourage engagement and enthusiasm for, in particular, the younger Junior years. Events like World Book Day, One Book One Community, Word Millionaire and Countdown Conundrum all encourage participation with literacy in fun and stimulating ways.

School Reading Policy

Junior Cycle students are encouraged to be more independent with their reading through the school reading policy. The Book in a Bag policy promotes reading by all students carrying a book of their choice from the library at all times. Should the rare supervised period occur, students are encouraged to read their book, making the most of this opportunistic time. Additionally, 1st year students provided one period a week for Drop Everything and Read along with literacy and grammar development.

Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle students are exposed to a wider range of assessment, now including the traditional terminal exam and two classroom based assessments in 2nd and 3rd year. An Oral Communication Assessment and a Portfolio of Student Work will be completed by each student in order to develop their skills of composition, editing, team work, well-being and performance.

Some previous texts studied by students in different years are listed below:

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

E.T directed by Stephen Speilburg

Transition Year

Transition Year offers students a exploratory environment to tackle various aspects of the English Language from a different perspective. Students will participate in 3 modules: Drama, Novel and Poetry & Rap. The Transition Year programme provides the opportunity of engaging with texts that may not appear in the traditional curriculum, encouraging critical analysis of unconventional forms of Literature. Some examples of Transition Year texts are listed below:

The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini

Playboy of the Western World by J. M. Synge

A Selection of Shakespearean texts

Lyrics by Artists such as Eminem, Chris Martin, Dolly Parton and Glen Hansard

Leaving Certificate English

This syllabus builds on the aims of the Junior Certificate English syllabus, which emphasises the development of a range of literacy and oral skills in a variety of domains, personal, social, and cultural. In the Leaving Certificate course, students will be encouraged to develop a more sophisticated range of skills and concepts. These will enable them to interpret, compose, discriminate and evaluate a range of material so that they become independent learners who can operate in the world beyond the school in a range of contexts.
English at this level must excite students with aesthetic experiences and emphasise the richness of meanings and recreational pleasure to be encountered in literature and in the creative play of language. Students should be engaged with the voice of literature, learn to dialogue critically with it, and so come to understand its significance and value.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Juno Directed by Jason Reitman

English Department

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