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Career Guidance

Guidance and Counselling St. Joseph’s

St Joseph’s CBS is a Christian Community in keeping with the educational philosophy of Edmund Rice. We are committed to an education, which fosters self-worth in a caring environment. We aspire to educate, to be educated and to promote responsibility. We aim to work together in a respectful, caring and just environment. St Joseph’s is a school where friendship, affirmation and individual attention are encouraged among pupils, teachers and parents.

It is the Guidance Policy of St. Joseph’s to hold these values in mind. The work is done in the context of the school serving the needs of boys from 1st year through to 6th year and a Repeat Leaving Certificate group, which contains both boys and girls. It is the policy of St. Joseph’s to support all students, in an appropriate manner by offering

  • Personal/Social Guidance and Counselling
  • Educational Guidance and Counselling
  • Career/Vocational Guidance and Counselling

The Guidance Department is part of the pastoral care structure in the school. Care Team meetings are held to plan for student care, consider student progress and discuss issues of concern, which may arise. The Guidance Department works with the Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Heads, Class Teachers, The Religion Department, Special Education Needs Team, The Home School Community Liaison Officer, and the S.P.H.E team to provide a support service for the students.

Guidance and counselling is an integral part of our school’s educational provision.

At St Joseph’s we provide the following service:

  • Counselling: helping pupils develop coping skills for the ever changing circumstances in their   personal, educational, and career development; decision-making, problem-solving, behavioural changes
  • Personal and social development: help pupils understand and overcome personal, social, or behavioural problems affecting their educational or family situations.
  • Career information management: to acquire, store and disseminate useful careers and courses. Enable students to become familiar with useful websites such as, and
  • Assessment: In conjunction with the Resource department, both formal and informal assessment is used. Standardised testing is used for all incoming 1st years to identify both strengths and weaknesses of the students. e.g WRAT4 and GRIT. Scores from standardised test along with related reports  are used to ascertain how best to support the student
  • Vocational preparation: job search skills, encourage work experience in their chosen field in conjunction with the co-ordinator in TY
  • Referrals: when necessary, students are referred to qualified professionals outside school
  • Information to parents on CAO, subject choice and career paths.
  • Encourage students or parents to seek additional assistance from outside agencies if required.
  • Prepare students for later educational experiences by encouraging them to explore learning opportunities and to persevere with challenging tasks.
  • We maintain strong links with DIT and other third level colleges to aid students in making the transition towards third level education.
  • We maintain strong links with Junior Achievement Ireland and programmes such as Success Skills and The Economics of Staying in School are taught to students
  • Through “Business in the Community Ireland” we have established a strong link with “O2 Ireland”.  We participate in the Skills @ work programme. Organised by Mr O Callaghan, Sessions in the Skills @ Work programme involve site visits, mock interviews, Day in the Life insights, group discussion sessions with employees of O2 and CV writing skills.

Guidance Department

  • Ms Mairead Martin

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