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Art, Craft and Design

First Year

Each student has the opportunity to take Art in a small class of up to 17 students. Every student will be encouraged to

  • Develop observational skills through drawing and use drawing to record
  • explore art media and a variety of art equipment
  • develop ideas from 2d drawings to 3d finished pieces using a variety of media
  • explore and appreciate the history of art, craft and design and elements of contemporary art and technology

In St. Joseph’s we offer students a comprehensive introduction to a wide range of Art Media. Juniors are quickly introduced to printing, ceramics, graphic design, painting and 3D construction. Students will have the choice to opt for art to Junior Cert at the end of year 1.

Junior Certificate Art

3rd year students have to complete a project that begins on October 1st and has to be completed the by May (75%). A practical exam will be completed in early may which involves drawing manmade or natural objects and life drawing (25%). Students will have the opportunity to display skills acquired in class over 3 years.

Transition Year

Students are encouraged to build on their skills and develop new skills over Transition Year. The programme caters for all students even those who have not opted for the subject to Junior Cert level.

In conjunction with our Urban Studies programme students are encouraged to explore the urban environment and respond to their experience through the medium of art. The programme encourages creativity and problem solving using a wide range of art materials. Students are able to visit sites of artistic, cultural and historical interest which enriches their appreciation of living in the capital city and is a building block for the Art History programme at senior level.

Transition Year art allows all students to explore many aspects for art, craft and design without pressures of exams. Students will be offered an opportunity to do printing, ceramics, graphic design, painting, plaster casting and 3D construction, workshops and visits to sites of cultural, artistic and historical interest.

Senior Cycle

Art, Craft and Design is offered as an option in senior cycle. Students continue to build on to elements of art, craft and design with the introduction of Art history and Appreciation in 3 sections, Irish Art, European Art and Appreciation.

The modes of assessment include:

Three practical examinations (62.5%) are carried out in May. These are;

  • Life Sketching
  • Still Life or Imaginative Composition
  • Design or Craftwork

A written examination (37.5%) of Art History and Appreciation in June. Three questions are answered, one each on Irish, European and Appreciation of Art in two and half hours.

Many of Joey’s Art students have and are pursuing Art to Third Level and have become working artists. St. Joseph’s is committed to giving their students a wide and rich artistic experience not just from the Art Department but also through drama, music, poetry etc.

Art Department

  • Ms Sam Lonergan
  • Ms Helen Fenton