St. Josephs CBS

St. Joseph’s is a famous Northside Dublin school. In 2013 the school  celebrated 125 years of involvement in the Irish Educational System.  Many famous past pupils have passed through its doors.

The school educates boys to Leaving Certificate standard and boys and girls for Repeat Leaving Certificate. The school is managed by a Board of Management consisting of nominees of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ERST), parents and teachers. The school is non fee paying with a voluntary subscription.

The main objective in St. Joseph’s is to promote an excellent all round education with particular emphasis on the academic, social and moral development of its students. As an Edmund Rice school the Catholic ethos permeates the work of the school.

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    Annual Alumni Dinner

    HEADSTRONG Fundraising Event

    TY students on RTE news for The Big Scream

    TY trip and Philly McMahon talk

  • St. Josephs CBS Fairview first Business Networking Breakfast – Fire Restaurant, Wed, 16th Oct 2019

    A&L Goodbody – TY Work Experience

    Cuchulainn Heart Challenge International Event

    Cycle Against Suicide Ambassador School

  • Gaisce Bronze Award winners


    PPU Annual Mass

    Cycle Against Suicide Student Leader Congress

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